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Katlin Aas

Katlin Aas

Cat McNeil and Emily Hope

Cat McNeil and Emily Hope

Anonymous asked: I don't think Anastasia Ivanova is gay. I think you've got her confused with a semi-famous Russian photographer with the exact name.

I am talking about the model, I’ve heard she is bi and is dating another model (Rusne Kass) :)

Anonymous asked: Who is your all time favorite lesbian model?

I have to go with a classic and say Freja :)

thehijynx asked: This blog is excellent ^^ do you accept submissions? I'm a queer model from the Midwest.

Unfortunately no, but I am thinking of creating a separate blog for submissions with the theme being ‘lesbian fashion’, where girls who like girls can show off their fashion; be it style, modelling etc. I was wondering if anyone is up for it?

Anonymous asked: sorry I was wondering what evidence there was to support anastasia ivanova as gay? I would love it if she was but I couldn't find anything about it!

She has a girlfriend (who is also a model) :)

Anonymous asked: R u lesbian?

Last time I checked I was

Anonymous asked: Are the models who you post genuinly lesbian or is it a rumour? Like say Xiao Wen Ju

I try to make this list as accurate as possible in that it encompasses girls who like girls, whether they are gay,bi, fluid or whatever. It is hard to know for certain if they are lesbian because models have a degree of privacy to their private lives, however, it is easier to find out if they have a girlfriend or have dated girls as news spreads like wildfire in the fashion world.

Anonymous asked: Is Xiao Wen really homo? Or just bi?

I don’t know, all I can say is she does not identify as straight as she is in the Self Evident project.