Lesbian Models

Models who like other girls

Anonymous asked: Is Kate Harrison a confirmed lesbian?

I heard she’s bi. 

Katlin Aas

Katlin Aas

Cat McNeil and Emily Hope

Cat McNeil and Emily Hope

Anonymous asked: I don't think Anastasia Ivanova is gay. I think you've got her confused with a semi-famous Russian photographer with the exact name.

I am talking about the model, I’ve heard she is bi and is dating another model (Rusne Kass) :)

Anonymous asked: Who is your all time favorite lesbian model?

I have to go with a classic and say Freja :)

hjsteele asked: This blog is excellent ^^ do you accept submissions? I'm a queer model from the Midwest.

Unfortunately no, but I am thinking of creating a separate blog for submissions with the theme being ‘lesbian fashion’, where girls who like girls can show off their fashion; be it style, modelling etc. I was wondering if anyone is up for it?

Anonymous asked: sorry I was wondering what evidence there was to support anastasia ivanova as gay? I would love it if she was but I couldn't find anything about it!

She has a girlfriend (who is also a model) :)